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Traffic Spikes Models
1/2″ thick steel plate in the 5000 model. No other design even compares.

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Product Details

The brand of Traffic Spikes that we manufacture is TireShark™.

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Steel Speed Bumps








Perimeter Security Traffic SpikesIn Ground Flush Mount Traffic SpikesLowest Profile Traffic Spikes

Always make sure to limit traffic to speeds no greater than 5 mph.

Use of speed bumps, before and after any traffic spike system, helps to control speeds.
Use Speed Bumps with all traffic spike installations.
Install speed bumps before and after traffic spike installations, approximately 6 feet away. Speeds in excess of 5 mph may damage tires, vehicles, and traffic spike systems, hence the need to control speed.
Use Traffic Spike Warning Signs with all types of one way and motorized traffic spikes. As a result, warn drivers. They assist with traffic flow, therefore, warning that severe tire damage may occur.

Surface Mounted One Way Traffic Spikes

These are especially simple to install. Adhere to any clean, dry asphalt or concrete roadway with gel construction epoxy, therefore, follow the mixing instructions. On concrete surfaces, choose either epoxy or anchors to attach. Use anchor bolts that pass through the provided mounting holes.
Either In Ground or Flush Mounted traffic spike models require a cut into the road surface. The traffic spikes can drop into the hole, therefore, supported by the flanges. Place epoxy underneath the flanges for adhesion. Install Parking Lot Traffic Spikes at the exit and entry of parking lots. Parking garages and traffic lanes also use controls for one way traffic flow.

In Ground, Flush Mount, One Way Traffic Spikes

First of all cut minimally into the roadway to install In Ground, Flush Mount Traffic Spikes.
Because of creating a quick cut, adhering into place with construction epoxy, and only a 2 hour wait in warm weather… DONE! Therefore, dramatically reducing labor costs of in ground installations.

Consequently it is important to install these units with a catalyzed adhesive 2 part construction grade epoxy. As a result we can supply this material to you. In addition, you risk allowing the units to be stolen or loosen more easily if you use an air dry adhesive.

2 simple steps… E-Z installation!
1) Initially cut a small swath into the asphalt or concrete to prepare the installation. Cut it 1/2” wider than the recessed part of the unit (depth approx. 12” total) and fill the hole with 6” of coarse gravel resulting in improved drainage.
2) Finally mix and apply catalyzed epoxy to the undersides of the upper support flanges. Most of all make sure that the road surface is clean and dry where it will contact the adhesive. This will result in a superior bond.
Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. Hot weather or applied heat can have the units ready to drive across in as little as 2 hours.

Motorized Traffic Spike Systems allow for selective passage of vehicles.

Our Surface Mounted Motorized Traffic Spikes are so low that flush mounted systems are obsolete. Eliminate the need for excavating during installation. Motorized traffic spikes are access traffic controls that consequently utilize reliable electronics. Use them to rotate the spike teeth either up or down to allow or deny passage to vehicles in either direction. We offer all of the options. Lights, on/off switches, and barrier gate operator arms that mount to the motorized traffic spikes motor tower for simultaneous movement maybe needed. As a result, motorized traffic spikes are ideal for parking lots and garages, car dealerships, and car rental agencies. Almost always in use at airports, government facilities, schools and other secured sites such as nuclear power plants.

Traffic Spikes Deck Height Comparison

Traffic Spikes help with controlling the direction of travel…

Furthermore, our traffic spikes install super easily onto concrete or asphalt road surfaces. As a result, for installation of one way traffic spikes onto asphalt, use construction epoxy. For one way traffic spikes that are installed onto concrete, use epoxy. For concrete, anchor bolts that are secured into drilled holes work, too. The installation of our one way traffic spikes is so easy, as a result allowing most handyman services to handle the installation. Most noteworthy, normally contractors are called to perform the installation of one way traffic spike systems.

In addition,’s one way traffic spikes use no electrical connections. Due to this, they help to guide traffic flow into one way travel in parking lots, garages and secures the lane.

Traffic Spikes, made by GR8 Holdings LLC are the best that you can buy. Quite relevant, our one way traffic spike bearings are easily replaced, unlike the competition’s. Especially relevant, our one way traffic spikes’ decks are non-welded. As a result, this means that they are not brittle and can take serious hits. You should probably demand longevity and performance. In conclusion, make sure to install our one way traffic spikes.

Our latch-down system is super easy to use and allows for passage in either direction. Therefore, use for moving days or special needs.

Traffic Spikes In Stock InventorySpikeZilla™ Steel Traffic Spikes.Traffic Spikes shipped WorldWide.Traffic Spikes CAD One Way1/4" thick steel traffic spikes.

GR8 MFG LLC owns the TireShark™ trademark.

Learn more about traffic spike access controls.

First of all, information is below and much more is available online. Contact us to learn more about traffic spike systems and access controls for your parking lots. Prior to designing our own line of products. We did sell products by Antech, Guardian Traffic Systems, and DoorKing. We began to manufacture our own, especially since other manufacturers’ products proved to be inferior. A main supplier had refused to honor a serious warranty issue which, as a result, we honored on our own. We protected our customer at our own expense. We respect our customers! Everyone works hard for their money and, in conclusion, you deserve to get what you pay for.

Tire killers, shredders, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barriers are access controls. As a result of where granting access can be electrically or automatically controlled. Access controls are governed electronically. Hydraulic systems leak. Consequently, we avoid the use of hydraulics.

A code is entered into a keypad reader. It is either a card reader, or it is a biometrics reader.

Readers do not usually make a decision but send a card number to an access control station that verifies the number against a pre-approved access list. A magnetic door switch isused to monitor either a door or spike position. A door switch is not unlike those on freezers or car doors. Usually, entry is controlled and exit is uncontrolled. A second reader is used on the opposite side of the door. This occurs for traffic control mechanisms where an exit is controlled..

Traffic control mechanisms can be one-way or motorized. A device called a request-to-exit (REX) is used in cases where exit is not controlled (free exit) . Request-to-exit controls can be a push button or a motion detection sensor. The door alarm is temporarily ignored while the door is utilized when the button is pushed or the motion detector detects motion at the door. Mechanical “free egress” is exiting a door without having to electrically unlock it.  This is a safety feature. The request-to-exit device unlocks the door in cases where the lock must be electrically unlocked on exit.

There are many generic ways to describe these types of parking lot security products. Many call our products tire killers or tire rippers.

Traffic Spikes, Tiger Teeth, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer, Guardian.

1230, 1236, 1130, 1160, 1167, and Sabre Tooth Controllers (Saber module), Tiger Teeth, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer, Guardian, are generic words. They have been in use for decades to describe these (tire treadles). We can supply any of these to you. TireShark™ brand are exclusively available through GR8 MFG LLC (contractors, dealers, and distributors are welcome). In America, we have a lot of spirit! Anti-terrorism and force protection are important. Control the road.

Other types of access controls that we sell: ACCESS CONTROLS

Traffic control guardians can be road blockers, tire spikes, traffic controls, spring loaded and mechanized systems. Snares, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer motorized systems, electro mechanical, speed bumps, and signs. Remote access controls can apply to active, passive, entry, egress, and road lanes, both one way, two way, 1, 2, and across lanes.

Architects and civil engineers, planning and planning services, plus contractors, use blueprints to specify our specified products. Any complex, parking lot or garage and shopping mall can use them. The Enforcer and Protector series, StingRay work hand-in-hand with traffic technology. Electronic, road construction, traffic control, highway safety, auto transport, transportation, pavement, asphalt, concrete, contractors, work well for installations. Parking lots, both commercial and private, use our products. Customers include individuals, military bases, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and airports. Businesses, manufacturing plants, manufacturers and manufacturing plants use them. Powder coating creates superior durability, as a result. It is far better than a galvanized surface or plating. We make improvements in our product line from time-to-time as technology permits. Our former RB-36 product line (tiger teeth) is the same product type that we have seen described with a GSA #: GS-07F-9574F and Part #: DC36-LD.

Autos, cars, trucks, and pedestrians (foot traffic) have used Cobra II, Enforcer, StingRay, and turnstiles, old brands that we no longer carry.

Companies must protect brands with the trademark symbol. Marketing with the TM mark lacking creates a generic brand, therefore, Cobra, Cobra II, and Enforcer are generic. We offer an excellent warranty on our traffic access control products, access control systems, and access control security systems. Security access control, card access control system, biometrics, access building control security system, access control gates, self storage access control, fingerprint access controls work well. Access control keypads, remote access control, proximity reader, role based access control, building access controls, fences (fencing), and ornamental gates provide security.

Use of Google reveals great information about access controls. Most noteworthy Google is a corporate customer that has purchased from us in the past for their corporate parking lot. When you perform the search, and it involves multiple words, put the search terms in quotes “ “ like this:

“traffic spikes”

This will narrow your search and make it more effective.

We ship our access controls products to all 50 states and more. Wyoming, WY, Wisconsin, WI, West Virginia, WV, Washington, WA, Virginia, VA. Vermont, VT, Utah, UT, Texas, TX, Tennessee, TN, South Dakota, SD, South Carolina, SC, Rhode Island, RI. Puerto Rico, PR, Pennsylvania, PA, Oregon, OR, Oklahoma, OK, Ohio, OH. North Dakota, ND, North Carolina, NC, New York, NY, New Mexico, NM, New Jersey, NJ, New Hampshire, NH. Nevada, NV, Nebraska, NE, Montana, MT, Missouri, MO, Mississippi, MS, Minnesota, MN, Michigan, MI, Massachusetts, MA, Maryland, MD, Maine, ME. Louisiana, LA, Kentucky, KY, Kansas, KS, Iowa, IA, Indiana, IN, Illinois, IL, Idaho, ID, Georgia, GA, Florida, FL. District of Columbia, DC, Delaware, DE, Connecticut, CT. Colorado, CO, California, CA, Arkansas, AR, Arizona, AZ, Alaska, AK, and Alabama, AL. We do international shipping as well.