Accessories for Access Control Systems

Traffic Spike Safety

Protect your investment and use traffic safety accessories for access control systems with every traffic spike install. We carry traffic spike safety accessories for access control systems. You can order detector loops, signs, lighting, and more! Give us a call today (800) 988-3308


Traffic Spike Safety Tips:

– Use accessories for access control systems such as Traffic Spike Warning Signs with all types of one way and motorized traffic spikes. As a result, warn drivers. They assist with traffic flow, therefore, warning that severe tire damage may occur.

– Always make sure to limit traffic to speeds no greater than 5 mph. Post signs that designate a 5 mph zone. Our 2 Sided Reflective Warning Sign does both: designates 5 mph and alerts opposite traffic not to enter one-way or severe tire damage will occur.

– Use Speed Bumps with all traffic spike installations. Install speed bumps before and after traffic spike installations, approximately 6 feet away. Speeds in excess of 5 mph may damage tires, vehicles, and traffic spike systems, hence the need to control speed.

Accessories for Access Control Systems

Our tamper proof sign frame prevents removal of sign from the frame. Highly reflective material means low maintenance, without the need to supply electricity to the sign. Available with surface mount or in-ground posts.