Perimeter Security Traffic Spikes

Perimeter Security Traffic Spikes secure fencing. Therefore, ideal for airports, prisons, and sensitive military and corporate locations.

Perimeter Security Traffic Spikes reduce chances of intrusion.

In addition to fencing, use these to secure the outside of corporate parking lots, airports, and prisons. On the whole, these types of heavy duty exterior perimeter traffic spikes are easy to install along fencing.

To conclude, these are designed to stop vehicles that penetrate the outside. Use these along all exterior fencing for your secure location for better results.


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Nite-Bite™ Improves Performance

Nite-Bite™ Improves Performance by making your spikes visible at night. In fact, they are seen up to 2 miles away.


Nite-Bite™ Improves Performance

To begin with, Nite-Bite™ Improves Performance by making the spike tips easily visible. One reason is that the reflective quality can be seen up to 2 miles away. Surprisingly, the material is called SOLAS and is designed to help find personnel that are in the ocean.

Increase safety and security with Nite-Bite™ reflective teeth.


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Quality Traffic Spikes Since 2008. Our beginnings were humble. When we first started, we were the leading distributor for a former competitor that no longer sells. We created superior product to replace one that was no longer viable.

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Learn more about traffic spike access controls.

Information is available below and much more is online. Contact us to learn more about traffic spike systems and access controls for securing your parking lots. Prior to designing our own line of products. We did sell products by Antech, Guardian Traffic Systems, and DoorKing. We began to manufacture our own, especially since other manufacturers’ products proved to be inferior. A main supplier had refused to honor a serious warranty issue which, as a result, we honored on our own. We protected our customer at our own expense. We respect our customers! Everyone works hard for their money and, in conclusion, you deserve to get what you pay for.

What is an Access Control System? Tire killers, shredders, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barriers are access controls. As a result of where granting access can be electrically or automatically controlled. Access controls are governed electronically. Hydraulic systems leak. Consequently, we avoid the use of hydraulics.

Traffic Spikes, Tiger Teeth, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer, Guardian.

1230, 1236, 1130, 1160, 1167, and Sabre Tooth Controllers (Saber module), Tiger Teeth, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer, Guardian, are generic words. They have been in use for decades to describe these (tire treadles). We can supply any of these to you. TireShark™ brand are exclusively available through GR8 MFG LLC (contractors, dealers, and distributors are welcome). In America, we have a lot of spirit! Anti-terrorism and force protection are important. Control the road.

Other types of access controls that we sell: ACCESS CONTROLS

Traffic control guardians can be road blockers, tire spikes, traffic controls, spring loaded and mechanized systems. Snares, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer motorized systems, electro mechanical, speed bumps, and signs. Remote access controls can apply to active, passive, entry, egress, and road lanes, both one way, two way, 1, 2, and across lanes.

Architects and civil engineers, planning and planning services, plus contractors, use blueprints to specify our specified products. Any complex, parking lot or garage and shopping mall can use them. The Enforcer and Protector series, StingRay work hand-in-hand with traffic technology. Electronic, road construction, traffic control, highway safety, auto transport, transportation, pavement, asphalt, concrete, contractors, work well for installations. Parking lots, both commercial and private, use our products. Customers include individuals, military bases, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and airports. Businesses, manufacturing plants, manufacturers and manufacturing plants use them. Powder coating creates superior durability, as a result. It is far better than a galvanized surface or plating. We make improvements in our product line from time-to-time as technology permits. Our former RB-36 product line (tiger teeth) is the same product type that we have seen described with a GSA #: GS-07F-9574F and Part #: DC36-LD.

TireShark™ 2500, 3750, and 5000 Now Available

TireShark™ 2500, 3750, and 5000


Traffic Spikes USA TireShark™ Products HOA Apartment Corporate Airport Military Unlimited Weight Any Location

Our outstanding line of traffic spikes is growing! We now offer TireShark™ 2500, 3750, and 5000. The TireShark™ 5000 is the WORLD’S STRONGEST system with a 1/2” thick, weld-free deck. Unlimited vehicle weight capability. Military tough! Order your TireShark™ today! (800)988-3308