Heavy Duty Car Stop

heavy duty car stop parking curb 550

Heavy Duty Car Stop last longer and reduce damage.

Heavy Duty Car Stop / Rubber Parking Curb

heavy duty car stop parking curb 550

Installation Steps
  1. For installations on uneven surfaces: Cut away rubber on the bottom of the product so that it becomes flush with the ground.
  2. Apply adhesive to the bottom of the heavy duty car stop for extra strength.
  3. Install on Asphalt: 14” x ½” rebar spike and washer for asphalt installation of all products.

Install on Concrete: 6” lag (screw, washer, and shield) for concrete installation of Car Stops.


Materials Needed for Installation:

·Provided Installation Hardware (comes included with heavy duty car stop. Call to order: (520)303-4444)

·Utility knife (if applying to an uneven surface – used for cutting away rubber if needed)


Use 10 ounces of adhesive for glue down applications and so hardware won’t work loose

Parking Safety

Dependable and maintenance free!

Tough, recycled tire rubber is resistant to
weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil, and temperature. Made in the USA. Prompt shipping. Will not warp, chip, or crack. Easy, one person installation (instructions included). Installation hardware is available.

Our answer to the growing demand for lightweight, durable, made in USA Car Stops! (or Parking Curbs, Parking Bumpers, Wheel Stops or Parking Blocks… or whatever name you prefer for them!)

They will not chip or crack like concrete, nor warp like plastic can.

ST-6′ 4 holes, 8 stripes, 40 lbs.

ST-3′ 2 holes, 4 stripes, 20 lbs.

Permanent reflective striping – no painting!

Reflective stripes are made of road marking tape. Bonded stripes are available in yellow, white, blue or none

Ideal for parking lots, garages, wall protection, and other parking applications.

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