Maintain Traffic Spikes after snow storms.

Traffic Spikes damage from snow plow.
Traffic Spikes damage from snow plow.
Maintain Traffic Spikes after snowing.

Snow Plows can damage Traffic Spikes. Repair damage and remove sediment.

Maintain Traffic Spikes after snowing. Make sure to inspect your parking lot’s traffic spikes after the snow season. Sometimes snow plow crews run over traffic spike systems. Heavy metal snow plow blades cause damage. Damaged traffic spikes may have been in the vertical position when struck by a snow plow. Remove TireShark™  Traffic Spikes prior to snow removal. Warn snow plow operators about traffic spike locations so that damage can be avoided. Install heating elements and thermostats into TireShark™ Traffic Spikes. Melt ice or snow during storms. Prevent ice build-up which can hinder proper operation. Typically, snow plow crews can manually shovel the snow that is nearest a traffic spike system. Avoid the possibility of damage altogether.

How to maintain TireShark™ Traffic Spikes after snow season…

Remove the top plate to inspect the welded steel rows of traffic spikes to maintain Traffic Spikes after snowing. Pay attention to removal of sediment and debris that may have built up during the winter. Study how the traffic spike section pivots within its bearings. Ensure easy rotation by making sure that the rotating spike shaft is still rounded and able to pivot within the bearings. Make sure that the bearing surfaces (hole) are still round and not egg-shaped. Make sure to apply axle grease to the contact area between the end of the traffic spike rotation shaft and the hole in the bearing plates. Check to make sure that the springs are fully functioning without breaks.

If any of these parts appear to be out of round, bent, broken or deteriorated, replace them immediately. We always have replacement parts and springs available to ship to you quickly. We recommend that you always have replacement parts for these wear-items in stock for immediate replacement so that you can always keep your traffic spike system up and running properly in your parking lot.

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