Motorized Tire Poppers

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Motorized Tire Poppers help to control revenue and increase safety in parking lots.

Install TireShark™ Motorized Tire Poppers

Install onto concrete or asphalt roads.  Above all, we have the lowest deck height in the industry. Additionally, no need for in ground installation exists with our ultra low surface mount system. First of all, view our installation steps and drawings.

Motorized Tire Poppers

Our TireShark™ systems install easily onto concrete or asphalt road surfaces.

Asphalt Road Installation: Use 2 part construction epoxy for installation of the system onto asphalt.

Concrete Road Installation: Concrete road installations should use epoxy. Anchor bolts that are secured into drilled holes work for concrete, too.

Normally contractors are called to install motorized traffic spike systems. We can help you with this. Visit the Home page.

Give us a call if you need to order motorized traffic spikes! Call Stacey today! (800)988-3308

Motorized Tire Poppers

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