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One-Way Flush-Mount Traffic Spikes

How to Install One-Way Flush-Mount Traffic Spikes

Easy 2 Step Process. Install by creating a minimal cut into the roadway. Then use a two part epoxy. Dramatically reduce labor costs of in ground installations with TireShark™ One-Way Flush Mount Traffic Spikes. Give Stacey a call with any questions! (800)988-3308


How to Install One-Way Flush-Mount Traffic Spikes

In Ground / Flush Mount Traffic Spike Installation

2 simple steps… E-Z installation!

1) Prepare the installation hole by cutting a small swath into the asphalt or concrete that is about 1/2” wider than the recessed part of the unit (depth approx. 12” total) and fill the hole with about 6” of coarse gravel for improved drainage.

2) Mix and apply catalyzed epoxy to the undersides of the upper support flanges of the One-Way Flush-Mount Traffic Spikes. Lower the unit into place, making sure that the road surface is clean and dry where it will contact the adhesive.

Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions, but hot weather or applied heat can have the units ready to drive across in as little as 2 hours.

PRO TIP: It is important to install these units with a catalyzed adhesive, such as a two part construction grade epoxy. We can supply this material to you. If you simply use construction adhesive (like air-dry adhesive) you risk allowing the units to be stolen or loosen more easily.

How to Install One-Way Flush-Mount Traffic Spikes

How to Install One-Way Flush-Mount Traffic Spikes


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