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Additional information for you to better understand traffic spikes and access control systems. We even provide Instructions & Drawings.

TireShark™ Model 7500 Traffic Spikes ANY LOCATION ALL VEHICLES One Way Traffic Control System Red Powder Coat
Traffic Spikes for ALL Vehicles
TireShark™ Traffic Spikes – Unlimited Weight Get stronger spikes than you need. Be prepared for all axle weights. These are
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Traffic Spikes damage from snow plow.
Maintain Traffic Spikes after snow storms.
Snow Plows can damage Traffic Spikes. Repair damage and remove sediment. Maintain Traffic Spikes after snowing. Make sure to inspect
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Perimeter Spike Pair 2 inches Airport Prison Security
Perimeter Security Spikes
Perimeter Security Spikes Use these perimeter security spikes to secure the exterior fence of corporate parking lots, airports, and prisons. Heavy
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Heavy Duty Steel Speed Bump Removable for Snowplow
How to Install Steel Speed Bumps
Steel Speed Bumps Great for Parking Lots, Parking Garages, and Alleys Heavy duty steel speed bumps are great for parking
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Orange Reflective Traffic Posts Portable Traffic Delineators with Base hex base
Orange Traffic Posts / Traffic Delineators
Heavy Duty Posts & Bases (Traffic Delineators) Use these portable traffic posts (traffic delineators) to direct the flow of traffic
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TireShark™ Traffic Spikes Ultra Low Profile Surface Mount One Way Traffic Control Surface Mounted
How to Install Traffic Spikes
Install Traffic Spikes – Surface Mount TireShark™ One-Way Traffic Spike System Models: 2500, 3750, 5000 SpikeZilla™ Hot rolled steel, non-welded
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TireShark™ Model 2500 Traffic Spikes Traffic Control System Traffic Spikes For APARTMENT HOA
Traffic Spikes for Apartment / HOA
TireShark™ Traffic Spikes TireShark™ Model 2500 can handle 80,000 pounds per axle maximum, at 5 mph. Ultra-low Deck Height &
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TireShark™ Model 3750 Traffic Spikes One Way Traffic Control System CORPORATE AIRPORT
Traffic Spikes for Corporate / Airport
TireShark™ Traffic Spikes Model 3750 can handle cars up to 90,000 lbs per axle  (5 mph), even full semi trucks.
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TireShark™ Model 5000 SpikeZilla™ Heavy Duty Steel Traffic Spikes for Military Red Powder Coat
Traffic Spikes for Military
TireShark™ Traffic Spikes This is the world’s strongest system (maximum 150,000 lbs per axle). 1/2 inch plate steel. Made in USA.
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heavy duty car stop parking curb 550
How to Install Heavy Duty Car Stop
Heavy Duty Car Stop / Rubber Parking Curb How to Install Heavy Duty Car Stop Heavy Duty Car Stop –
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