Motorized Traffic Spikes

Motorized Traffic Spikes – Surface Mounted

Motorized traffic spikes are ideal for parking lots, parking garages, car dealerships, and car rental agencies. They are almost always in use at airports, government facilities, schools and other secured sites such as nuclear power plants.

Motorized Traffic Spikes Directional Traffic Control for Parking Garage Security Traffic Spikes for Car Rental Lot

Motorized Traffic Spikes. World’s BEST!

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Product Details

The brand of Traffic Spikes that we manufacture is TireShark™.

Motorized Traffic Spike Systems

Control access to your facility with motorized traffic spikes. This access control system utilizes reliable electronics to mobilize and allow select people to gain entry.  The motor rotates the spike teeth either up or down to allow or deny passage to vehicles in either direction. Our customers get many options, including lights, on/off switches, and barrier gate operator arms. The barrier arm attaches to the motor tower for simultaneous movement (if needed).

Traffic Spike Safety

Limit traffic to speeds no greater than 5 mph.
Control speeds with speed bumps before and after traffic spike systems.
Use Speed Bumps with traffic spike installations.
Install speed bumps before and after traffic spike installations, approximately 6 feet away. Speeds in excess of 5 mph may damage tires, vehicles, and traffic spike systems, hence the need to control speed.
Use Traffic Spike Warning Signs with all types of one way and motorized traffic spikes. Traffic warning signs warn drivers. They assist with traffic flow, therefore warning that severe tire damage may occur.

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Motorized Traffic Spikes Deck Height Comparison

Motorized Traffic Spikes – More Info’s motorized traffic spikes use electrical connections. A magnetic motor provides motion rather than hydraulic. This helps to guide traffic flow into one way travel in parking lots and garages.

Furthermore, our motorized traffic spikes install super easily onto concrete or asphalt road surfaces. TireShark™ traffic spike models can be easily installed and ready for use in a few hours. We even provide additional Instructions & Drawings on our website. Normally contractors are called to perform the installation of motorized traffic spike systems.

Quality Traffic Spikes Systems

All our bearing surface parts are easily replaced so you don’t have to replace the whole system because of unavoidable wear and tear. Get decades of use from these traffic spikes!