Nite-Bite™ Reflective Traffic Spikes

Reflective traffic spikes are the ultimate visual traffic aid. Ultimately, prevent tire damage. Consequently, it reduces the interest of wrong-way drivers from wanting to enter the wrong way.

Nite-Bite™ Reflective Traffic Spikes! The Ultimate Visual Alert.

Visually alert night-time drivers of possible tire damage.

Increase your safety and security with Nite-BiteTM reflective traffic spikes.  Certainly included at no extra charge on TireShark™ brand traffic spikes.

·No brighter reflective material is made. As a result, it will give your traffic teeth visual impact. Consequently, it not available anywhere else.

·Of course, highly visible from almost any extreme angle. Hence, drivers will be aware of the presence of your traffic spike security system.

Same Reflection material used by the coast guard

Nite-BiteTM reflective spikes can be seen from thousands of yards at great intensity. As a result, reflecting over 900 candle watts. The Coast Guard uses the same material to provide safety clothing to its members. Nite-BiteTM is impervious to freezing and harsh chemicals including saltwater. Overall, learn more about SOLAS reflectivity:

Imagine having drivers see your reflective traffic spikes from up to 2 miles away. That gives them plenty of time to decide to find an alternate path. In brief, our products offer a better solution than competing models.


Increase your safety and security with Nite-BiteTM reflective traffic spikes. In short, only available from

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