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Traffic Spikes to Secure & Control Traffic

We manufacture traffic spikes, these are the worlds strongest, thickest traffic spikes available! Traffic spikes are used to secure a lane of traffic to gain entry/exit or they can be used to help guide traffic flow into one-way travel in parking lots, garages, apartments, and car lots.  Our Super Heavy Duty SpikeZilla™ gives you military grade security and can handle extremely heavy vehicles, even tanks.

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Types of Traffic Spikes

As we offer several different kinds of traffic spikes we help you learn all the different types. Learning about your options can help you get exactly what type of traffic spike system you need. (Knowing this information will make it easier to fill out the price quote form too!)


Quality Traffic Spikes Systems

TireShark™ model traffic spike systems can be easily installed and ready for use in a few hours. Providing you with additional Instructions & Drawings on our site. All our bearing surface parts are easily replaced so you don’t have to replace the whole system because of unavoidable wear and tear. Get decades of use from these traffic spikes!


Surface Mounted Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Traffic Spikes Ultra Low Profile Surface Mount One Way Traffic Control Surface Mounted

This kind is installed onto the surface of your road or driveway. This type of install is easier because there is no need to cut into the road. You can mount the traffic spikes directly onto the concrete or asphalt surface. Adhere to any clean, dry asphalt or concrete roadway with gel construction epoxy. Heavy duty and super heavy duty surface mounted traffic spikes are available.



In Ground / Flush Mount Traffic Spikes

Installing this type of traffic spikes requires a minimal cut into the road or driveway surface. This allows you to have a very high weight limit on your traffic spike system because all weight is dispersed directly to the road itself.

This Traffic Spike model 7500 is Powder Coated, Weld-Free Decking, Zinc-Free, & Exclusive Nite-Bite™ Reflective Tire Spike Tips. All bearing surfaces are super easy to replace! So you don’t have to replace the whole system when you have unavoidable wear and tear. Get decades of use out of our traffic spikes.

TireShark™ products come with a 25 year warranty! Heavy duty traffic spikes built to last!

E-Z In Ground Traffic Spikes Installation!

2 Simple Steps:

1) Prepare the installation hole by cutting a small swath into the asphalt or concrete that is about 1/2” wider than the recessed part of the unit (depth approx. 12” total) and fill the hole with about 6” of coarse gravel for improved drainage.

2) Mix and apply catalyzed epoxy to the undersides of the upper support flanges. Lower the unit into place, making sure that the road surface is clean and dry where it will contact the adhesive.

Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions, but hot weather or applied heat can have the in ground traffic spikes ready to drive across in as little as 2 hours.

We provide additional Instructions & Drawings for you: How to Install TireShark™ Flush Mount One-Way Traffic Spikes



Traffic Spike Safety Tips:


– Use accessories for access control systems such as Orange Traffic Posts / Traffic Delineators with all types of one way and motorized traffic spikes. As a result, warn drivers. They assist with traffic flow, therefore, warning that severe tire damage may occur.

– Always make sure to limit traffic over your traffic spike system to speeds no greater than 5 mph. Post signs before the traffic spikes that designate a 5 mph zone. Our 2 Sided Reflective Warning Sign does both: designates 5 mph and alerts opposite traffic not to enter one-way or severe tire damage will occur.

– Use Speed Bumps with all traffic spike installations. Install speed bumps before and after traffic spike installations, approximately 6 feet away. A vehicle going over a traffic spike system at speeds in excess of 5 mph may damage tires, vehicles, and traffic spike systems, hence the need to control speed.


Traffic Spikes Price Quote Form

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Control the direction of traffic in a one-way traffic lane with traffic spikes.
Motorized Traffic Control System. Traffic spikes motorized with road block arm.

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Recommended Accessories for Safety

Include speed bumps in my price quote. Recommended: Install speed bumps before and after traffic spike installations, approximately 6 feet away. Speeds in excess of 5 mph may damage tires, vehicles, and traffic spike systems.
Include warning sign(s) in my price quote. Recommended: Install 2-sided Reflective Warning Signs for every traffic spike installation. Side 1: DO NOT ENTER Severe Tire Damage Side 2: SLOW - 5MPH. Highly reflective sign, no lighting needed.

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