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There are many generic ways to describe these types of traffic spike products. Tiger Teeth, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer, Traffic Spikes, Guardian, 1230, 1236, 1130, 1160, 1167, and Sabre Tooth Controllers (Saber module) are generic words (non-trademarked) that have been in use for decades to describe parking lot traffic spikes (tire poppers). We can supply any of these to you. TireShark™ brand traffic spikes are exclusively available through GR8 Holdings LLC.

UPDATE: 5/08/2014  Regarding the public notice from 4/18/11, we have seen new flyers from a company that now claim trademark to several of the terms mentioned.
Decades of not using the ™ put those names into the generic trademark category. We even have art, printed and electronically transmitted, that came directly from the maker that does not have the required ™ notice, even in their own logo art. If you are looking to purchase these items, we can provide them for you. This is an example of the type of marketing brochures that were used, proving that the names are of generic trademark. No claim (FOR YEARS) was made by the marketing and manufacturing company that they intended for the words to be a trademark. Click: NON-TRADEMARK USE OF THE WORD COBRA This is an example of marketing materials sent directly to us by the manufacturer, used in trade shows and mailed nationwide by the manufacturer. 5/12/2014  To this day, there are multiple dealers of the product that still promote the original literature WITHOUT the use of ™ marking, signaling how pervasive the non-claimed use of the words is.

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