Surface Mount Traffic Spikes

Surface Mount Traffic Spikes

TireShark™ Surface Mount Traffic Spikes: Powder Coated, Weld-Free Decking, Zinc-Free, & Nite-Bite™ Exclusive Reflective Tire Spikes. Save cost by surface mounting traffic spikes. No digging, no mess and no waiting!

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Easy Install Traffic Spikes

Surface Mount – No Digging

TireShark™ Surface Mount Traffic Spikes Low Deck Height Heavy Duty

Ultra-low Deck Height. At only 1 3/4” in height, you’ll never have a serious contact issue between your Porsche, Audi, or Corvette. The lowest typical sports car from the factory has a clearance of 4” from the ground as seen in Audi sports cars. Many sports cars are at least an inch higher than that! This image also shows the overall spike height of 3 3/4”, standard. You can choose an overall spike height of 3 1/2”, free of charge, if you’d like to further minimize the chances of contact with air dams, etc.

All bearing surfaces are powder coated and easy to replace, therefore eliminating the need to replace the entire spike system due to wear or abuse.

Included, free of charge, is the super-simple latch down mechanism, so you can effectively lock the spikes in a downward position on days when you need 2 way travel such as move-in/out.

For Instructions & Drawings see our article:

How to Install Surface Mount Traffic Spikes