Traffic Spikes for ALL Vehicles

TireShark™ Traffic Spikes – Unlimited Weight

Get stronger spikes than you need. Be prepared for all axle weights. These are the traffic spikes for ALL vehicles! By installing these traffic spikes into the ground they can withstand all weights and all vehicles (at 5 MPH MAX).

In Ground Traffic Spikes

Model 7500 – For All Vehicles & Weights

In-ground flush mount traffic spikes transfer the weight of the vehicle directly to the road or driveway. These are great traffic spikes for ALL vehicle weights. It’s important that you limit traffic to 5 MPH to avoid tire damage, as well as damage to the traffic spikes system. Protect your investment by limiting traffic speeds with signs and speed bumps.

Many highways allow a maximum of 20,000 pounds per axle without a special permit. Most rear tractor and trailer axles support 34,000 pounds per axle maximum. Entire tractor/trailer weights, combined and loaded typically weigh no more than 80,000 pounds. Our traffic spikes are designed to take a higher weights, helping them to resist abuse. All our bearing surfaces in the traffic spikes are 100% replaceable because you should be able to replace parts, for decades of use.

PRO TIP: Drivers tend to ignore posted speeds. Buy traffic spikes and tire shredders that are stronger than you need! Of course, you need to properly direct traffic using bollards, curbs, and speed bumps. In addition, use speed bumps before AND after the location installation of the traffic spikes. After any excess speed event, and a few times per year, open the system and inspect for damage of replaceable parts and clean debris out. Following this, apply a bearing grease to rotating assemblies for continued performance. Eventually, bearing surfaces will wear, along with the shaft that has the points attached, and these can be easily replaced. Simply call or email us for traffic spikes replacements. Visit this site to learn more about spike strips:

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